Music Box Mechanism

Ceramics sculpture of a music box mechanism. 

Exploded Clock

Biro drawing of an exploded clock I made for sculpture. Unfortunately the original sculpture was destroyed as it was kicked over(by accident I hope!) XD but might try to upload the low res snapshot I got on my phone.

Painting I’m working on. It’s a mash up of different celebrities faces.

Brimham Rocks

Brimham rocks was always a place I loved to go as a child. I wanted to experiment using black and white photography.

Clockwork Thoughts

Original here:

I was inspired by ariscenes artwork and wanted to paint his beautiful sculpture :).

Started thinking of collage ideas hoping to use ideas for sculpture.


Photo taken at Scarborough seaside. I wanted to capture the photograph as to me it told a story, I love the way one boy patiently waits for the other.

Bee & Puppycat

I love this cartoon by Natasha Allegri and really wanted to have a go at drawing the characters. For this I tried Artflow Studio, which I really liked.

Started colouring :)

Old Station House

Photograph taken of an old station house. I loved the effect of the peeling paint and wanted to create a feeling of nostalgia by using black and white photography.